Post Impact

Post Impact
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Post Impact

Post Impact

Action Sci-fy Movie / 1 x 2 hours

Dean Cain (Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman) and Bettina Zimmermann 
(The Airlift) star in a gripping, post-apocalyptic adventure with twists and turns that are both life changing and life threatening.


A meteor strikes earth causing earthquakes, tidal waves and a dust cloud, turning it into an ice-covered ‘death-zone.’ The survivors have settled in the only habitable territories below the equator.


When an expedition plane to Europe is destroyed by a mysterious satellite signal controlled from the ruins of Berlin, now under 30 feet of ice and snow, the President of the New United Northern States orders a new expedition to find and destroy the base and the satellite.


Tom Parker (Dean Cain) leads a group of highly trained specialists, including Anna Starndorf (Bettina Zimmermann), on a desperate mission to Berlin – with no reliable intelligence and zero radio contact.




RTL (Germany)


Dean Cain, Bettina Zimmermann, Nigel Bennet, Joana Taylor, John Keogh and Hanns Zischler


Torsten Dewi and Carlos Maria Sanchez


Christoph Schrewe


TANDEM PRODUCTIONS and UFO LLC in co-production with FDC Distribution LTD, America Film Cinema, The Tower Limited Liability Partnership and Snowblind Productions LLC